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Drop the weight of being you and tryout being someone new.

The attachment we have to our own personality can become a heavy load if we are not willing to allow ourselves to change with the flow of our life . Most of us have subconsciously created an identity throughout our lives and then adopted it as a solid unchangeable aspect of who we are . Yet the weight of this overtime becomes the very thing that holds us back .

The reason we hold on to our identity is that we have invested so much into it and become proud of this being we feel we have created . Also the idea of letting go of this feels like losing who we are, yet it is in the surrender of this part, that we open ourselves to become something completely different.

Life has taught us so much. In every moment we have acquired deeper wisdom and understanding , yet the container of who we hold ourselves to be limits this new wisdom becoming integrated. So whenever you are feeling held back it is because some part of ourself is to be dropped and something new can be born Phoenix like in its place.

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