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Everything we hold onto holds us back

In life we have learnt at an early age to hold on to things , sometimes even things that we no longer need , and this hoarding behavior costs us in energy and attention as we attempt to preserve that which we have at the expense of what is waiting for us to receive.

We spend a lot of time acquiring things in our life and  normally at the cost of our authenticity so once we have got them, we fear losing them and hold onto them tightly. However, things that might have served us in the past now become extra baggage that would serve us to surrender. For in trying to hold onto them;  a person, a place or a situation, like a job or home we restrict our own expansion.

The only thing you could actually lose is that which is not you; that which matched an old situation, but now holds you when you feel life trying to remove something from your life, instead of holding on tighter, creating stress ; adopt an open hand approach and let things move away.  Because when we release we make space for the new , more aligned dynamic to arrive in our lives and fuel our evolution.

What can you release that is causing you pain to hold onto ??

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