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When we expand our level of trust, we discover the universe is friendly.

We often see trust as something that had to be earned building it overtime based on our experiences. When something or someone consistently delivers on our expectations, whether that means reliability of a product or company, or a person showing up, we say we can trust something.

However, this is a small manifestation of trust. It is based on our individual judgment and aligned with the idea of loss and gain. Loss of what we expected or wanted is seen as we can't trust it and gain of something is interpreted that we can. However, if we are willing to expand our concept of trust, we can move out of this limited paradigm.

No matter what it seems all loss is making space for evolution to happen, and therefore is serving us by removing some thing we refused to let go of that which was holding us back. On the other hand, when we don't get some thing that we were expecting, it also is making space for an upgrade to occur.

Life is constantly realigning in our favor, and if we can drop our old stories we can recognize that. So by expanding our TRUST , to include every person, place or event in our life, we will discover it really is a friendly universe after all.

What can you choose to Trust is perfectly playing out in your life right now??

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