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External Challenge is designed to remove internal resistance

All of us come across challenges everyday in our lives and we mostly deal with them head on trying to address the situation on the outside . However when resolution is not forthcoming we can choose to avoid it hoping it will just go away on its own .

If it is an external challenge asking us to step up and face something without fear then this is a gift of resilience and can be effective. Yet when the issue persists neither of these methods are actually effective , and. Instead  we are being asked to look inside and see what is the internal resistance we have been avoiding that needs to be dealt with .

Sometimes it can be a case of always putting our true desires and expression second to worldly duties. However if we choose to do what we can, but then leave it and redirect our energy to creativity or joyful pursuits , that can be the positive internal change needed to shift the external resistance. Or it can be a habit or belief that is limiting our authenticity and is no longer serving us .

Either way when we have the courage and are willing to make these internal changes our external situation will change to reflect it .

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