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We are all Manifesting our reality in every moment. Creating the experiences of our lives from every thought , desire and request both consciously and subconsciously. Yet The reason why sometimes it can not feel like this is because our subconscious thoughts  can be at odds with our conscious desires.

We have all adopted many ideas over our lives that gets stored in our subconscious programming. However, what we do not realize is that often the subconscious programming is at odds with our conscious desire in so this confusion plays out in our lives.

The key here is focus. To do this, we need to weed out those hidden programs that are running in the background and delete the ones that do not align with our conscious desire when we choose to diligently, clear our internal landscape we can align ourselves totally to our goals , feeding our manifestations from a focused mind amplifying our results exponentially .

What subconscious programs is it time to release ?

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