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Vengeance consumes you,

Forgiveness Expands you.

When we feel wronged by another we can feel pain and become filled with need for justice , however this is often a justification for vengeance which instead of freeing us, consumes us and we lose sight of what ultimately this lessons have to come to us for .

When we feel we have had something taken away from us we feel we are the victims of theft and that the only way to bring balance is to have retribution , yet this is because we see loss as negative, yet what if we can only lose what we are not , and the removal of something in our life allows the arrival of something else more aligned to who we now are .

With hindsight we can all remember times in our life that felt devastating yet ultimately proved to be a gift as it allowed us to shift to a new direction.

So When we are able to notice this instead of vengeance we can move to forgiveness realizing that, although we might not understand why, this experience has arisen to open a new pathway in our life. A new opportunity to expand beyond our limited boundaries that the possession of what was lost was holding is back from .

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