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When we drop our Habits of distraction we make space for actions of inspiration.

When we are presented with new opportunities , we often feel excited, but then very quickly sway toward dropping them as we think of all the responsibilities we have with family , friends or work, which we justify as reasons to not be able to move forward .

Then even if we complete these duties we can create a second wave of smaller distractions , online or at our homes that have us feeling justified at not taking these opportunities .

We then judge those that seem to have the time as lucky , privileged or somehow having a better hand dealt than us, we choose to become righteous, focusing on unfairness of life and the inequality. Yet the real reason we create these collective habits of distraction, is so that we have an excuse to not move forward towards our dreams as they pose a serious challenge to our chosen limited identity . Looking for a non existent safe life that costs us our own evolution.

So when life present's synchronistic events that are lined up to lead us to our greatest desires , it also requires for us to drop the baggage of belief we are carrying, that we are so attached to, it is suffocating us . Now is the time to release your habits of distraction and embrace inspired action , trusting that everything you lose along the way is to lighten the load on the road to your dreams .

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