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Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Let your inspiration be the guide for your manifestation

Wether we realize it or not We are all Manifesting all the time . It can be conscious or subconscious yet the experience we witness in front of is is a reflection of who and what we are the moment before . It is a projection that we create and yet when we do not own this we sometimes see ourselves as the confused victims of the circumstances we encounter yet if we are willing to take ownership of what is before us we can realize we are the master of our own destiny.

The key is to stop avoiding what is , and see that all that comes is a communication a guidance as to who and what you are and the opportunity here is to take the reigns and choose who you wish to be .

If we are willing to allow our inspiration to guide this journey , instead of being frustrated or confused we can be excited and amused by the manifestation that we can bring about from this courageous and inspired viewpoint and live a life of wonder .

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