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4th Corner of Love - INSPIRING COLLEAGUE - 4 Corners of Love ™ - Decoding the structure of relationships by Paul Gotel.

All Relationships , wether romantic or plutonic , bring gifts and challenges , usually wrapped up in each other , and one of the challenges is how to decipher the different aspects that come into play.

The object of the 4 Corners of LOVE ™ Model is to break down the singular concept relationship into four corners, each having their own attributes !.

The Fourth Corner we’ll pinpoint is the COLLEAGUE corner , with its main goal to be infused with INSPIRATION !

An Inspiring Colleague, is someone that in their outward interaction with life , has a job or mission or vocation that they are intrinsically motivated to engage in , and through this engagement they are inspired in their daily life to move forward with positivity and optimism. This in turn creates aspiration in the people in their life who become inspired to do the same ! Although these missions might be different or the same the energy infuses the relationship with a constant source of evolution as each person brings in new bounty and information creating an intrigue and fascination that prompts longevity as the whole connection continues to evolve !

As an example when two people come together with fortitude in a common cause that they are each engaged in for their own positive reasons , their is no pleasing each other here rather a alignment that helps each other rise up in aspiration and can be the basis to build a whole relationship. In my example although parting ways with the mother of my children over 7 years ago , through our mutual dedication to our children have become great colleagues as Parents and through this a whole new friendship and love has blossomed that infuses not only our connection but our children’s well being .

Within the Colleague corner are many aspects

Inspiration, Motivation , Positivity , Optimism , Aspiration , Evolution, intrigue , Fascination , Dedication, Self Belief , Fortitude , Visionary , Sharing , Revitalizing, Confidence Etc.

This is the vision of the relationship, the sharing of each persons dreams and goals that when supported and allowed by each person create an inspired connection , where the opportunity of being together has a revitalizing effect on your life , enabling each to achieve a higher degree of optimism and self belief , with this constantly source of positivity infecting the relationship with the bounty of new horizons and the confidence to rise to them .( for More details watch for 4 Corners of Love events and workshops coming soon)

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