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If you can meet judgement with compassion then you know peace #judgement #peace #compassion #forgive #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #bigu #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery - when another seeks to make you responsible for their feelings then there is a natural tendency to want to defend yourself from accusations , of “you make me feel “ but ultimately if these hit you they are a reflection of your own inner judgements and are directing you to look at the unease you carry around this subject , and as such be grateful for what has arisen to be healed .

However once you are through that stage you will still find the judgements arise but this time if you are at peace with your own inner demons then you will discover instead of your reaction , you find yourself making a choice to be compassionate and look to hold the person in a higher view point than the one they currently hold for themselves .

Wether you choose to externalize this with a letter or in person the work really is an inside job and when you hold a grander vision of them and refuse to be drawn in to their drama you actually help them by raising them from their role as antagonist and offer optimism as to their future expression!

Remember we can create “Allies” as easily as we create “enemies” it’s all in how we see their role in our life , and there is no one that enters your space that is not a reflection , an opportunity to grow beyond your own limitations of who you are !

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