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When we are challenged one of the more common ways of dealing with it is to try to get through it as quickly as possible, and then attempt to avoid it in the future, by creating systems and warning signs in an attempt to keep us safe and protected.

However, as time goes on, and we continue to navigate to avoid things. Our life becomes limited, as we are constantly  on the lookout for things that might threaten us. Subconsciously, we start to build up nervousness, for the more time that goes on we fear our balance, and security  will be disrupted by an unexpected event, which paradoxically attracts this to us, creating the disruption that which we hope to avoid.

Eventually, we recognize this system is broken and start to understand that the reasons that things are coming up for us is so they can be cleared and healed. Instead of avoiding challenges, if we lean into what arises, we see the original wound and are able to face our story about it. As we move through this process we become more intergrated  healed, and whole . Realizing that as we make peace with our past and reclaim our hidden selves, the result is fearlessness knowing that all we would seek to avoid is actually offering us a gift of healing,  and the peace we have been evading in our avoidance .

What challenge have you been avoiding that you can now choose to face?

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