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Dont let your past disappointment dampen your present excitement

When we are children, we are full of the excitement of the moment showing up without any baggage. Totally in a fun zone. My analogy for fun is 'fully unencumbered now'  when we do not carry any baggage from the previous moment into the current one. we are so present that we show up fully available for the wonder.

Then, unfortunately what happens is we start to have this experience of disappointment,  where we move into the moment with baggage of past expectation and from that place have an idea how things are going to work out and what would bring us the most joy. When they don't, or when they're different, we feel disappointed. Rather than recognizing the current wonder we are attached to repeating the old.

As a consequence we try to avoid this feeling of disappointment and whenever excitement arises in the future, we looked to dampen it because we don't want to feel the pain of dissatisfaction again. This is so ingrained that we have a modern expressions like it's too good to be true.

However, as an adult, we are now available to determine our own choices and if we are willing to open our heart, then excitement is the energy of manifestation moving through us that creates our reality for us. So instead of avoiding disappointment, feel your excitement fully , and let go of the attachment of what how and why something might happen, and instead let this exuberance fuel your curiosity , and lean into wonder of what magic will manifest from this place of open hearted awe.

Drop your avoidance of disappointment and express your excitement today ?

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