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When we make plans it is mostly because we feel we will get something from the experience. We invest money or time into things to achieve a reward , requirement or result that we feel will add to who we are . We believe that by gaining something we make ourselves more than we are , we are looking to add value to ourselves.

At their root  our decisions are based on the idea that who we are is not enough and so we seek to add to ourselves to increase our value . Because this is important to us we put our ingratiation above our own true guidance, paying for each acquisition with our authenticity, effectively sabotaging our true expression in the process .

Eventually we become an inflated version of ourselves , that requires us to carry around exaggerations of ourselves as a bloated egoic identity .

Yet every so often life offers us an opportunity , a relationship, an experience that we could potentially lose ourselves in . We are excited to go for them yet concerned we might literally lose who we are in the process . What im suggesting is that this is exactly the kind of opportunities we could lean into. For everything we lose by definition could not be who we are , and thus is an act of purification , liberating us from our limited identity .

What YES can you leap into  today??

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