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THE BIG U - 2/12/21


“I Give space and support , and have the courage to hold boundaries, but trust in their own evolution along their journey !”

LIFEBOOK is an the inspired life coaching system by Jon and Missy Butcher , based on splitting life into 12 Categories and then defining for ourself what we wish to attract in each of these categories .

The Fifth Life category is


As Gahil Kabran famously said in his book the Prophet “Our Children are not our children, they come through us but are not us “ When we are blessed with the opportunity of parenting we are calling into our life a complete being that ultimately will be one of our greatest teachers, and although we have a large role to play in their life , They will also give us a great opportunity to heal and Evolve our own childhood.

Each being comes into this life to walk their own journey of discovery and Exploration, and will make different conclusions along the way which will inform the decisions they make about the path they take as they grow and develop. As parents we have an amazing opportunity to be of service, to realize the individuality of our children and offer them support end guidance as they navigate their lives. To realize that by giving them healthy boundaries and being willing to hold to them , we enable them to discover who they are within a safer environment and yet when we offer our life tools we also need to realize they will use them in new and interesting ways, allowing them to learn through what may seem like failure it’s actually the opportunity of innovation which will serve them in their lives.

So our role of service , is one of unconditional love , to truly discover for ourselves what that feels like and to benefit from this , to neither try to overly please our children or control them but to walk the middle path knowing that as we teach them we are also learning ourselves how to be open hearted and solid in our support of our joint evolution.

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