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Updated: Mar 14


What are you loving for ? Many of us have hijack the essence of human love as a means to acquire approval . What we call loving another is actually a trade agreement, usually unconscious , that is directed at getting 'love' back so that we can feel worthy.

At its core we have judged ourselves unworthy of love and so we learn to do actions to gain the approval that we perceive is love . Ultimately believing that if we are loved enough we will realize our own value , yet paradoxically no matter how much we receive it doesn't land for we sabotage our authenticity to gain it . Constantly trying to be something other than what is true for us in order to acquire it .

What we fail to understand is that the lover is the beneficiary of the loving . We are love and as we actually express that which we are we get to feel it and know this in its expression . Love is the absence of condition , not a result but an expression and  when we truly shine outwards we finally have it revealed back to us in the eyes of those who receive our love .

Stop using love as a tool for acquisition and discover its beauty in your expression ??

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