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Never regret opening your heart to another every relationship you have had has been whole and complete for what your soul needed at the time

Every opportunity to open your heart by relating to another in life has been a gift for you.

We have many many interactions in life, whether they be lovers, children, family, friends or colleagues , Everybody has entered your life to give you the opportunity to see a reflection of yourself and to love some aspect of that , and in doing so , you have opened your heart not only to them but to yourself and found a deeper connection with your own being and the possibility has arisen that has allowed you to forgive your own internal judgments. As you love somebody wholly, as a total being you have also been able to become closer in your own acceptance of yourself.

Therefore never regret opening your heart for it brings you closer to the love that you are and in loving yourself, you open up to love others more and more.

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