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When we come to the ending of something we can feel sad at its completion and often try to prolong it beyond it's natural time .

On the surface we seem sad because we miss the person , place or experience and don't want  this feeling to pass.

Yet at its root the cause for this sadness is has a deeper explanation. Normally when we engage life we are looking to get something from it and so we manipulate our own authentic expression in order to do this. However the reason this doesn't work is that instead of feeling complete in our engagement we compromise ourselves, and wish to get something in return. When it ends before we feel this trade is complete, we feel the payoff has not been worth the cost, and that resentment causes our upset.

The alternative way of interacting with life is to show up authentically without an agenda. Instead of looking to get something we can use each moment to share the authentic expression of who we are. Because there is no suppression or manipulation for a reward, there is no investment . So we are fulfilled fully in each interaction without need for repayment. In this case , when an experience ends , we don't resist and instead of sadness at its ending we are excited allowing space for an optimistic new beginning.

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