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Many of us spend a lot of our time nurturing others, especially if we are parents or in the caring profession , however when we spend most of our time trying to take care of everyone else we can often forget the most important person that needs nurturing ourselves.

The secret to giving is that it comes through us and then out into the world and if we do not give to ourselves then we have nothing to offer others, we become depleted and overwhelmed, and then frustration sets in as we become irritated with those that we are looking to help, quite often our children or our family. We demand help from others and sad when it is not offered yet it is ourselves where that responsibility lies.

The key to change this cycle is set aside time each day , for yourself , take a small nap , Stop and take a break for lunch , take a walk in nature , eat healthy and most importantly learn to say No when you need to say Yes to yourself.

Nurturing must begin with ourselves, for it is only when we fill our own cup up, then it naturally overflows to all those around us.

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