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Be Willing to meet an old enemy as a new friend

in our life we can often be offended, when our pride or ego feels attacked we can take this to heart and see somebody as an enemy.

However what we failed to see is that everybody comes into our life is coming to deliver a message, They have appeared on our stage to show us something about ourselves so that we may grow and evolve by discovering our inner story that is being exposed by this apparent attack on our nature.

The opportunity is to look to our own feelings, and while we were defending , And discover which falsehood we are harboring that is limiting us and has called the reflection to us to look at.

So when the universe brings you in “old enemy” back into your life it is an opportunity for forgiveness , to reflect on what you have learned and how you grew from your previous interaction.

And whether you can find gratitude for that evolution that they ignited in your life and thus approach them from a new place. For if you do not hold them to the past pattern of judgment you also release yourself, and the possibility of gratitude opens the connection up to healing and friendship.

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