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Most of us have a schedule and plan things into our day,, our responsibilities and  fun things that we are attached to. This is a great habit yet unfortunately, sometimes we become a slave to it.

We decide what is the best way to do something or the  best way to spend our time and when this changes unexpectedly, especially if it is due to somebody else changing plans on us, we can become irritated and often this is directed at someone or something outside of ourselves that we blame for this situation

We become attached and then get very disappointed when we feel we're not going to get the fun or joy or benefit of the experience we planned.

However, this mindset comes from the idea that we know best and yet often when we make plans this sets the things in motion, which can lead to the universe, upgrading the opportunities that are possible.

If we are willing to detach from our idea that we know what's best for us and instead choose to trust the universe,  we will find that all changes are in our favor and the opening in our schedule will be filled with an unexpected experience that is always for our benefit.

What plan change has happened that you could open up to the idea that it's going to end up being a more beautiful experience than you had expected?

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