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Many of us have visions for our life that we wish to come about. We are ignited I see a clear view of what we wish to come about, and it creates inspiration for us to start planning how this will come to fruition.

However, after the initial enthusiasm sometimes our inspiration can fade as we become either confused as to how we are going to achieve them, or distracted by every day duties and tasks, are that seem to drain us of our drive .

The key here is to look at your intention, rather than be distracted by the HOW , which honestly can come about in many ways, including some of which you have not even considered. But to look at the all important WHY!..

The fuel for our visions is our intentions. Why we are doing some thing is the most important aspect and  is the place to investigate clearly to create the enthusiasm to move forward. For when we are clear of our intentions, why we are doing some thing, then what we will do and how we will do it , will become clear .

What is your current grand vision? Are you clear on why you wish to achieve it ??

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