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No matter the challenge patient perseverance will win out

When we are faced with a challenge that we cannot see immediate solution we can become frustrated by the lack of clarity and understanding . Yet pushing and demanding do not hold the key to resolution for that insistence creates resistance .

The key is to persevere but with patience , to take each step that presents itself with grace and to treat every person in the journey with equal compassion and respect no matter their role in the challenge . For if we justify anger or retribution we miss the point of why this has been brought to us . We are being given a deeper opportunity to drop our own internal resistance and trust that this process will bring us an an unexpected gift .

When we can approach all the seeming small daily distractions as possibilities to practice our patience and trust we stop seeming them as in the way and realize all experiences presented in each moment are the path to our evolution and we can them welcome them with open hearts and quite minds .

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