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Ever since Don Miguel Ruiz ground breaking book the four agreements, modern thinking latched on to the agreement "Don't Take things Personally" as a way of detaching ourselves from the projections of others . Phrases like "its their stuff" have become very common and enable people to remove themselves from the negative energy of others .

This has been very popular because it allows us to avoid any responsibility for a unpleasant situation , blaming others for their unreasonably behavior or expressed anger . On the surface this seems like a good idea and helps people to have a sense of compassion for the other with phrases like "Hurt people , Hurt People!" Yet this has an element of avoidance, and avoidance is always of ourselves!

When we choose to upgrade to Humanity vr.3.0 , the basic tenent of which is "its All You " then instead of dismissing the situation as not out stuff ,we can choose to own it . When we understand that everything is a reflection we can turn our attention to what about the situation were we avoiding . If we are willing to look deeper we will discover the gift of this reflection, for it is in this internal inquiry that we are offered the opportunity to release the pain that we are seeking to avoid and in so doing release the other from our projection of blame .

What situation are you seeking to avoid taking ownership in ??

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