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Don't hide Your True Intentions

let them openly guide all your decisions

When making choices we can often hide our true intentions looking to portray a certain way of being to others or ourselves and make our decisions from this edited perspective and justifying who we are or how we act from that stand point .

The thing about this is that if our words and actions are not authentic to our thoughts then not only do we loose the intrinsic motivation in what we do but also those we interact with can tell that there is something off . No matter how we try it is the underlying intentions that will impact our lives .

So have the courage to be vulnerable and drop the masks that do not serve us , for when we are willing to reveal our true intentions we can allow them to guide our decisions in life and bring our thoughts, words and actions into alignment with wonderful results.Feeling more at ease we drop insistence and model this authenticity to others inviting them to do the same .

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