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SELF Forgiving

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

The capacity to forgive others stems from the ability to forgive ourselves .

If we feel we have been wronged in the past we might feel we have moved on , the old adage 'Time heals all ' can seem true in part , yet so often unresolved aspects of our lives can resurface again and again in our lives like echoes from that past.

We often say we have dealt with things and forgiven those we people we feel wronged us, yet so often the one we haven't forgiven is ourselves. This is why the patterns repeat as they are offering us an opportunity to see them from a different perspective , to recognize that we still hold judgment of ourselves and that is hindering our own expansion and preventing us from truly forgiving others .

At the root is the idea that we lost something and thus we secretly feel guilty for our involvement in whatever capacity , we hold a hidden blame and shame because of this .However if we are willing to open up to the idea that every experience on some level served us and what we thought we lost gave space for something true to evolve in its place, we can forgive ourselves for the mistakes we made recognizing they where misunderstandings .

From this deep internal bed of compassion we can release the guilt we hold inside us and stop projecting it onto others , instead offering them a path to their own peace through our example of forgiveness.

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