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Self Ownership is True freedom

We are all in a continuous state of observation. Observing others when  we meet them or simply witnessing them as they pass through our lives. However what we are often unaware of is that during this process we are also making subconscious micro judgments of them . These judgments

then unconsciously inform our conclusions about what we think and feel about someone.

We often feel very just in our conclusions about others , yet don't realize that these are heavily influenced by our own past experiences which are triggered by their actions, words or appearance.

We then make decisions about a person without recognizing the mirror they are holding up to us .

When we choose to live from a greater place of ownership, instead of projecting these subconscious conclusions on another , we become conscious of our own stories that are triggered by them . Our interactions then become a device by which we can start the process of finding and healing our own wounds , which is the truth path to freedom.

What projection can you own to free yourself today?

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