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Service is not sacrifice

Many of us are called to service in our lives yet if we are not balanced within ourselves we can sacrifice ourselves in the process . Driven by a inner need to prove ourselves good and worthy of praise in the eyes of the divine and our own judgment, we can push ourselves beyond what is healthy and lose track with whats authentic for our true being .

True Service is an act of Love so when we act of an agenda , any agenda , then it is not an act of love. We seek to gain acknowledgment for our actions which leaves us open to disappointment if they are not met.

If we sacrifice our own true guidance in order to attain this feeling of being devout we end up becoming pious and often judgmental of others feeling we are better than them .

In the traditions of Indian the path of Bhakti yoga  is the path of devotion, and one of its main tenets is Seva . This is the action of loving service , when we are so filled with love that we wish to allow it to outflow through us in the actions of giving .

In this pure form of service it is the server that is the beneficiary of the love flowing outwards and we know when this is true for it energizes us and fills our heart with love .

Today look where you can remove expectations and be a vessel of love in Service ??

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