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Space to Redefine Yourself

Do not fear the space that is present when things fall away for it allows for truth to be felt Undistracted #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #bigu #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #fallaway #truth #fear #present #nodistractions

When Things that have filled your life unexpectedly fall away we tend to grieve their leaving and feel lost as to why the person or situation has moved away from us . It is natural to allow the grieving without holding back , let that stage pass through you without avoidance .

Yet then instead of trying to fill the void once more , give yourself time to lean into the space , to allow the silence and spaciousness to envelop you .

In this moment of breathe that can be an hour , a day , a week or a month , give thanks for the pause that life has given you , it is showing up to give you the opportunity to reflect , to witness where you are and who you now wish to be without the definition of those around you that held you to a certain expectation.

This space has come to give you the freedom to choose anew , to realign and redefine who you now wish to be and to leave behind aspects of yourself that no longer serve you and aspire for a new way of being that then calls in the person , place and things that are harmonious with this more self integral version of yourself !

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