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Each of us has a Unique gift that we discover when we stop comparing ourselves with others and start sharing ourselves with them instead

One of the most common challenges that we all face is self worth, and the root of this issue is because Instead of noticing our own intrinsic value we compare ourselves to others and judge are worth based on that comparison.

The problem with this way of thinking is that it does not account for the fact that we each have our own unique and special gift that we have come into this world to express. As a collective we were designed to each have our own nuance an ever evolving flavor of being that universe is expressing through us and when we feel we have to match up with somebody else's signature we deny the world own.

We are all part of an amazing tapestry each with our own unique color and blend and when we are woven together authentically we make up an amazing day work of art. So instead of comparing ourselves to others its time to find our own unique voice. We discover this is when we share ourself authentically with others. Being courageously true to ourselves each moment for when we lead from this place of authenticity and share it with others we discover the unique gift that we have to offer The world!

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Hamidou Toure
Hamidou Toure
Dec 09, 2021

Very true!

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