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To create a life that truly reflects who you are you must have the courage to stop lying to yourself about yourself

A lot of us are very frustrated with certain aspects of our lives, we feel that somehow they do not align with our visions and our dreams. They seem sometimes at odds with who we are and it is challenging to harmonize and find ease and peace within them.

Many of us do not have the courage to walk through our lives with authenticity. We choose instead to lie to ourselves about ourselves, we say “we are not enough”, we say “we are not good enough”, we say “that will never happen”, we say “we are happy with something when we are not”. There are many ways that we betray our own authenticity for the sake of security, for the sake of simplicity, For the sake of avoiding change or disruption. But mostly we tend to avoid our authentic expression to avoid upsetting another, so that we are not disapproved of. The trouble with this kind of living is that we create a false shell, a mask from which we approach the world and we get so used to lying to ourselves that we start to actually believe in the limitations that we set up on ourselves.

Your life is a direct reflection of the story you tell about yourself it is time to stop limiting your true expression, it is time to start taking risks! It is time to allow the changes that need to happen on the outside to reflect the authentic expression that is yearningTo be felt on the inside.

Watch the exterior of your world transform as you courageously transform the relationship with yourself!

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