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The avoidance of suffering creates the betrayal of authenticity

Suffering is a powerful force in the world and yet very misunderstood .Often seen as something solid and unavoidable, as the Buddha suggested life is suffering, and yet although pain is a very real communication device that gives us feedback from our body or emotions , suffering is an interpretation of that pain and a continued self perpetuating drama that continues often years after the actual pain has ceased.

This suffering becomes like a thorn under our skin , working its way deeper into our psyche until we claim it as part of our own identity . It subconsciously dictates our decisions as we try to avoid it being triggered. This plays out In our relationships where we play this avoidance game with each other and try not trigger the suffering of another or ourselves , yet in this process we betray our own authenticity often walking on eggshells to avoid an explosion of emotions.

However this betrayal comes with a cost for eventually we feel resentment at having to be so careful , we unconsciously get careless and even though we try our best not to,  trigger the other.  We then adopt the horrendous weight of guilt making us even more inauthentic in a desperate attempt to ease the other's suffering.

Ultimately we will become so constricted in the relationship that we will look to cause an upset so we can escape and eventually look for another that will not trigger us . The thing is this is not possible for in order for us to actually achieve the peace we seek the only way is to recognize that those that rub up against our wounds are actually angels, guiding us to the thorns that need to be removed, so that we can both arrive at true authenticity.

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