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Balance is choosing stillness in the eye of the storm

in all our lives there are many many things going on around us, so many experiences and occurrences going on in the world that seem to keep us constantly reacting & off balance.

Stillness is the secret key, The place that we all possess inside of us when we shut our eyes and follow our breath to the center of our being and we find a sanctuary from which to observe the whirlwind around us.

The storm around us all is actually representative of the storm within our own minds, our conscious and unconscious monkey mind grasping this way and that, but when we choose stillness we access the silent observer within ourselves that is always at balance and we are able to see through the clouds and realize the blue sky of clarity.

So whenever you find yourself caught up in the reaction to the exterior, stop take a breath, go inside find that place of balance, the stillness within you , witness that you are the creator of this experience, of how you choose to experience what seems to be affecting you, Choose instead to observe it to witness it to listen to what it’s trying to tell you, and from this place you can create anew!

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