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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

To be generous to another is to affirm the abundance you possess yourself

There is one sure fire way to experience abundance in your life and that is to give to another.

In any situation in our life where we feel initially lacking whether it be happiness, support, money, gratitude, time, or love the sure fire way of bringing about the realization that you posses it , is to cause another to have that which you felt you lacked , for in the sharing & giving of somethimg you are showing yourself that you are the source of it!

When another person enters your life with an opportunity for you to be gracious and give to them from. a place of love and generosity you have also been the recipient of what you gave for as it arises in you , and passes through you , you discover you are the source of all you desire .

This is the magical formula of inspired service , the giver becomes the receiver!.

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