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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

True Giving is free from expectation

For it is its own reward

When we open our hearts we act from love in all things , and the action of live is giving. However many of us feel upset or slighted when we do not receive acknowledgment or gratitude for this action. Feeling hurt we choose to withdraw and close our heart in order to protect and prevent the pain we felt from repeating .

Yet the issue here is in shutting down our hearts we are the ones who suffer the most , for it os only in the outflowing of love that we can feel it for ourselves . In order to shift this behavior it would serve us to go back to the root of the issue , for true Giving is without expectation or requirement . If we look for gratitude and worth from another , we set up an unspoken trade that the receiver 'should' acknowledge our efforts and make us feel valued for the action, and this then ceases to be a gift and becomes a trade .

The key is to realize that Giving is its own reward that the giver discovers their own abundance and generosity and experiences their true essence . , So always take a moment before acting and check your expectations , and always act with graciousness that os the true expression of what you are LOVE !

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