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Many of us can feel trapped in our lives with a multitude of commitments . Our responsibilities at work and in our families , and society in general can have us feel locked into our duties yet ultimately behind these is a jailer closer to home .

We all have an inner voice , or more accurately many of them . In a movie i once heard the phrase, the 7 dwarfs referring to the characters in Disney's version of the classic Snow white fairy tale  and I realized that was a good metaphor for the voices in our heads.

Wether it be Grumpy, Sleepy , Bashful , Doc or Happy etc each has a slightly different job we have assigned it and is trying to serve us the best way they know how often to keep us safe  , yet often they can be contradictory.

However we would be wise to hear their different perspectives , for if we suppress them will cause mischief in order to get our attention. Yet like a team of advisors, if we wish to have sovereignty we need to release ourselves from our internal judgment realizing that ultimately we have the final say .

Freedom is when we recognize the fear that drives the programming of our inner voices and choose to release ourselves from that dictate , re programming ourselves for spontaneity and evolution, making authenticity our priority in ever moment.

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