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Trust everyone to learn from their own mistakes , to  intervene interrupts their evolution

In some roles in our lives , particularly being a parent or teacher  we can assume responsibility for others and unwittingly seek to control them in order to have them avoid making mistakes .

In most cases we believe this is a good thing , that we are serving them by giving them advice or in extreme cases demands . Yet this insistence can actually have the opposite effect as it creates more resistance as they stick in their heals and become more belligerent .

The truth is that when we intervene with someone's journey from a place of insistence it is because we fear the impact on our lives of their decisions. This energy has a demanding quality that can interrupt their evolution believing we know best.

Yet the path of learning involves everyone discovering their own self in the way they navigate and learn from their mistakes , which ultimately are simply misunderstandings,  that will come to light as they journey through them .

So trust yourself to share with compassion and humility yet also release them , trusting they will discover their own way to wholeness , which could very well teach you a lot about yourself.

What person can you  release your grip on and allow to learn with compassion?

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