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When we meet every moment with an agenda we are limiting its possibilities.At first this very familiar ideology seems yo be the correct way to operate to prepare by having a particular goal or objective in mind , so your are clear why you are doing whatever it is you are doing.

However this mindset is outdated in the context of evolution for it is limited by two things . The first the presumption of a small self that needs to acquire something to improve itself or its situation and that the idea of what will improve ourself is clear to us . However when we move into it with either a reward , requirement or result without realizing it we are restricting the possible outcomes to those we perceive are best .

Deeper than this for every agenda we have we will compromise our authentic expression , for we will consciously or in most cases subconsciously manipulate what would authentically wish to expressed for  the potential gain or avoid a potential loss .

When we release our grip of getting something for our actions we stop paying for it with the corruption of our authenticity , and instead can allow the true expression of how and what we are to outflow into each moment with unrestricted honesty , and quite possibly feel the true fullness of our being freely expressed!

What agenda can you release to reveal your fullness  ??

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