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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Our Power is not useful to us unless we are courageous enough to own it and willing to access it from within

Within us we have many amazing attributes, literally access to the source within us that is unlimited and can be called forth in the most wondrous ways to serve our divine expression of love. Yet when we hide from ourselves in the identity of the ego we perceive ourselves as less than we truly are for we cut ourselves off from this source.

We deny ourselves access to the infinite power that is ours to tap into because we become overwhelmed by the responsibility it represents and we can no longer use it in service to our evolution . To have to recognize that we are the creators of our lives experiences and the masters of our destiny seems to much to bear . So we pretend to disconnect from our internal resource and instead make a story of being victims in our life to powers beyond us.

Now is the time for courage to be brave enough to remove our small idea of ourselves that holds us back , and make accessible once more the infinite power of manifestation we truly have to weld . The secret is that this power is to used in the service of love , when we no longer hold back the source within us but instead allow it to express unconditionally giving of ourselves through the expression of compassion we inspire both others and ourselves and become useful to all .

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