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Don't lower Aspiration because of desperation

Desperation is a strong word , and when used by a friend of mine it was in the context of making a choice we feel is not the best one for us , yet because we feel our options are limited , we choose that which is closest to our ideal . Yet when we are desperate it is because we feel that we have no chance of receiving that which we want so to choose anything is better than nothing .

The problem with this distorted way of being is obvious, we choose something that does not support our authentic being but something that we feel is the best we can get . So once adopted we now have to be something we are not to try to harmonize with the person, place and situation and that leaves us feeling like we are always giving and we are dissatisfied with what we get in return , often blaming the other instead of taking ownership of our desperate choice .

The universe is a supremely abundant place with infinite resources , yet making choices from this place of lack creates a paradox, for we are always free to choice even one that is not true . For this path eventually will teach us the fallacy of this and we will eventually recognize that the only correct choice is the authentic one.  if we are without someone or something currently there is a discovery awaiting for us within ourselves , some change or realization that is yet to blossom that once we have evolved will open the path for our next wisest  most abundant choice .


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