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Those that we wish to avoid, are pointing to what we avoid in ourselves

Every now, and again, there is somebody that comes into you life, that seems to rub you the wrong way, and because of this, we normally seek to avoid them to avoid this irritation. Normally, it is some behavior that we find irritating and so on an every day level, it makes sense that we would either put up with it in a passive aggressive, polite way or avoid it because we feel that it is draining often saying "they are draining us."

The reason we are resisting is because we are suppressing some quality of authenticity that wishes to be expressed yet we deem it as hurtful or not worth the effort, and we choose avoidance as the easiest option. we normally make it all about the other, and in our assessment of them make a decision of avoidance or suppression. Neither of these actually work as what we avoid will show up in another form and what we suppress will get pressurized until it expresses with force.

What is really going on? Is that what we seek to avoid in another, is pointing to something we are avoiding in ourselves. How we feel the uneasiness,  our irritation , the lack of control , are pointers. toward what this experience is bringing to us, and how it may serve us . If we choose to consciously and vulnerably share what is truly going on with us from a complete place of ownership, then we will discover the gift that each of these situations, are bringing to us.

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