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Be a lover

Open your heart To all and discover who you truly are!

The true nature of your being is LOVE , it is the source of YOU and the essence of YOU it is also the sole function of you.

You have incarnated in this form to express that which you are and that expression Is to love, for it is when we love that we open our hearts and allow that which we are to be known by ourselves.

All seeking outside for love is confirming that we are not IT, and so a cycle of searching everywhere and changing our behavior in order to try and gain it from outside of ourselves creates a false version of our own being, we become lost to ourselves in the search.

The answer is simple yet profound we are what we seek and yet we can only know this through the expression of ourselves, so open your hearts and Love, Love all you encounter and then you will discover the meaning of your life is to be a LOVER!

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