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Calculating actions


In modern life we are constantly calculating things to figure out the most effective way of executing them and then in the future we use these methods to make decisions and achieve results. In the feilds of science , business and mathematics etc this is obviously a good thing however many of us have adopted it as a way of navigating life .

The issue with this is that by always bringing the past conclusions into the present moment we become more rigid and single minded . Reducing our bandwidth of reception, tuning into the same methods repeatedly only open to that which has proved successful in the past and decreasing our openness to new or different opportunities .

Although this is useful as a guide we also need to engender curiosity, so that in each moment we nurture the wonder of our inner child , being open to new possibilities and ways of doing things. This mindset increases our receptivity and opens us to the infinite world of diverse experiences that come alive for us when we are open to learn new lessons from life if we release control and trust .

What calculations are restricting your opportunities today ??

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