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Self compassion is born from our willingness to see we are perfect right now just as we are.

Sometimes in life we can become stuck in a rut and fall into the false belief that somehow we are at the root of this situation because there is something lacking or something we are not doing .

So much of us believe our worth is due to our productivity and achievements and yet when this is how we see our value we get confused thinking our worth is based on what we do .

It is at this time that we are being called to practice self compassion, to be loving and tender with ourselves , and allow ourselves the luxury of downtime to reflect and recuperate . For it is only in this willingness to surrender the tyranny of our small you that we can allow the greater vision of the BIG U to take hold and flow through us authentically .

Every step we take is perfect and right now is the one place we can discover and realize this perfection. Not yesterday or tomorrow, so have compassion and allow each moment to unfold in grace and witness the beauty of you behind the story of you .

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