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Updated: Nov 29, 2022


We are all living in community on some level wether it be in a specific home with our family , with a chosen  group of people with harmonious beliefs or the wider community of the town we live in , yet so often in today's world we are struggling for our independence that we fail to see the opportunity that is present in the collective of humans that we connect with everyday.

Humans by nature are social  beings

, although we are sovereign souls we are designed to know ourselves through our interactions with others . The reflection that each one presents us gives us direct feedback on the next aspect of ourselves that we are looking to evolve.

When we embrace the gift of living in community , we choose to not avoiding the triggers that reveal our hidden limited beliefs about ourselves , for this is what life will consistently present us . Having the courage to connect with like minded individuals with a shared belief system of awareness, authenticity, vulnerability and responsibility enables us to attract a support system of peoples for our mutual evolution,  living in compassionate unity with each other .

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