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Contentment is an Inside Job

So often in life we look for happiness to be caused by some exterior person place or situation. Whether it be from approval of others, a windfall of riches, good luck or a just reward , we believe that life gives us things on the basis of how we behave and there is a system of reward that brings happiness.

The trouble with this is that we are always looking for recognition, for some exterior force to recognize, approve and reward our good deeds or behavior . Yet when this does not happen we become frustrated and angered as if life is unfairly treating us.

Contentment is an inside job, it is not a result, it is a decision that we make and it comes from living our most authentic being in every moment. Unattached to the future and surrendering the past if we have the courage to live the most honest version of ourselves then we are contented and at peace allowing what comes to come; what stays to stay and what goes to go.

This way we are not looking for life to give us some thing, but looking to bring the joy and vitality that is at our core with every situation, person and experience.

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