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Have the courage to speak your truth to create agreements that align with who you are .

Often in life we make agreements on the basis of pleasing others, or trying to manipulate the situation to achieve something for ourselves, however both of these methods of inauthenticity result in agreements that do not end up serving us.

The challenge here is to break the programming of the society and instead of trying to second guess the other and using coercion to achieve your goals, it would ultimately serve you to be courageous, to reflect and be conscious as we are talking and speak from a place of authenticity, vulnerability and ownership. To realize that we have brought about the situation to offer us this opportunity to evolve, to a place that is more aligned with who we now choose to be. The next truest and authentic version of ourselves, and if we can overcome the challenge and be bold enough to talk from my heart we will find the situation reflects this integrity and the relationship shifts to a deeper level of honesty.

This is an ongoing process to be willing to always upgrade our agreements from this place, For when we do this it also offers the other an opportunity to share from their own authentic self and your agreements become more harmonious and both parties have an opportunity to thrive.

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