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Courageous authenticity


Although we all agree that being authentic is a great virtue, in practice it requires a lot more courage than first  appears.

We live in a people pleasing culture where it is deemed more important to be nice than honest .

This has expanded from our everyday interactions but also on a much larger scale with the society's current obsession with being politically and socially correct, which has caused us to be overly concerned with being judged, especially on social media which can lead to social ostracism.

Our fear of being shunned and banished by our tribe has us hiding in mediocrity and avoiding honesty for the sake of safety.

The issue with this is that there is a social cost where 'Trust' is being eroded for the sake of acceptance.

In return we not only erode our own trust but that of others because we are all being false to be nice, rather than authentic.

The thing about this method is that it does not work and in sabotaging ourselves we effectively create a world we mistrust as we know we are not communicating with honesty .

However when we have the courage to speak with truth and integrity, and temper it with compassion and ownership , both those we address and ourselves benefit by building trust as a foundation for our relationships.

Ultimately we recognize the potential cost of upset is more than worth the payoff in integrity.

When our relationships rearrange themselves on these principles they become much more valuable because of this.

Drop your social fear and commit to being authentic in all your relationships today !

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