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Be courageous let vulnerability guide your connections

When we interact with the world most of us do it from behind the mask, hiding our true selves to gain approval.

We believe that 'putting our best face on ' is a good thing , yet when that is inauthentic it can back fire . We all know the feeling of connecting with someone who is being false and it doesn't feel good .

What a lot of us don't perceive is that we are engaging with the world with a false identity for most of the time . Yet we have become so used to it that we think it is our real self . We have become experts , perverted our true selves to get what we want from life yet the problem is what we get is a reflection of who we are pretending to be and thus never truly fulfills us .

To remove this mask feels vulnerable and we can feel exposed and uncomfortable, yet if we are courageous enough to do so, we present our true face to people . They recognize the courage involved to be real , it creates compassion and from that place an authentic and valued connection is born .

Who in your life could you give the gift of vulnerability too ?

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