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When we are cut down it is so we can rise a new without the baggage of the past

The great scythe of life often comes unexpectedly, it swings through our being without much warning and we are cut down , physically, emotionally and mentally. Often we struggle to make sense of this experience , looking for an earthly meaning so that we may understand what is happening to us .

Yet the search for the worldly cause can often be unnecessary for although there is a physical dynamic , this is not the real reason why the event has occurred. The universe will utilize whatever will get our attention the most; physical , financial, emotional, material ; to bring us to our knees . For as we surrender our addiction to the everyday distractions we are brought in to the present moment and asked to drop all that we are carrying.

If we allow ourselves to release our fears and trust this deconstruction is happening for a reason , we can  let go of trying to figure out the how's and understand we are in an evolutionary acceleration. The past is being asked to be left behind and we are offered the opportunity to remerge like the Phoenix to a whole new state of being .

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