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The cycle of rest is equally as important as the cycle of activity

Most of the time our bodies are very energized and capable. We use them in our very active and busy lives , quite often taking this for granted. We expect them to always be available and resourceful. To use in whatever way we choose. But sometimes our bodies hit a wave of fatigue and this is a communication inviting us to surrender.

So often when we are tired instead of allowing the natural downcycle to bring us into a slow calm restful space we look to alternatives like caffeine or other stimulants to push us Onwards , yet like many of the overrides we apply on ourselves in life this is missing the point. Our bodies like everything else in life are designed to have cycles. Cycles of activity and cycles of rest each contributing to the other and enabling us to have balance and flow in our lives.

So instead of fighting against these waves notice and listen to your body realize when rest will contribute as much, if not more to your day, than the frenetic forced activity of achievement. Surrender, take a moment, breathe, move slowly. In this space we notice more. We have access to more clarity and we create space for unexpected realizations to enter our minds, as we let our bodies recuperate and readjust, the revitalization we feel is all the more stable for it.

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